Did you hear it?!

A couple of weeks ago Charlotte Thornber, Director at Taylor Investigations, featured on a podcast with Paul Newton (Have a listen by clicking here).

Paul heads up Mental Theft and is one incredible mind reader, magician and public speaker.

They talked about all things investigations and how the weakest link in every theft or fraud is always a person. Whether it is a phishing text scam which seems legit so you press that link and input your card details, or it could be a member of staff who is trusted with key information and intellectual property for the business but they siphon money off and sell client data to competitors, there is always a human weakness.

We often help companies get to the bottom of staff problems if they have fallen victim to theft or fraud internally. If you have staff leaving your company, make sure to have any company devices digitally checked for any removal or download of intellectual property or client data.

The Weakest link in every theft or fraud is always an individual

If you are concerned as business a member of staff maybe stealing from your business, look at their overall performance. Do you really know what goes on in your staff members life to know if they are at risk of being financially vulnerable?

We could talk about this for days as unfortunately we are often called after the horse has bolted, but if you require just some advice to be more proactive and preventative, give us a call. We are happy to answer any questions.

Better still, check out the podcast here to pick up some tips for your business along with hearing some exciting stories of some of our cases!