Is prevention their intention?

There are lots of cancer research charities covering all areas of cancer treatment and the many different types of cancers around. The charity commission lists 620 cancer charities alone. But in the UK, there is only one cancer research charity solely dedicated to cancer prevention.

Over the last 30 years World Cancer Research Fund has worked tirelessly to fund worldwide scientific research to better understand the links between our lifestyles and cancer risk. The scientific evidence gained clearly demonstrates a link between diet, weight, physical activity and cancer. From this World Cancer Research Fund have developed their Cancer Prevention Recommendations, with over 40 independent studies showing that the more closely people follow this package of recommendations, the lower their risk of developing cancer will be.

World Cancer Research Fund produce all kinds of resources on and offline, including recipes, information booklets, alcohol and exercise calorie calculators, cancer health check tools and more to help everyone better understand what causes different types of cancer and what we can all do to make simple everyday changes that will reduce our own and our loved ones cancer risk.

Rachael Gormley, CEO at World Cancer Research Fund said: “Every day in the UK around 1,100 people will hear the words, ‘you have cancer’. Over 400 of these people could have avoided this life changing diagnosis if they’d had access to the right information and made simple everyday changes in their diet, weight and physical activity. Given the impact of Coronavirus we know cancer cases will increase and so it’s more vital than ever that we reach as many people as possible with the practical, straightforward advice and information they need to help prevent cancer and survive after a diagnosis.”

“With your help, we can ensure that far fewer people suffer or die unnecessarily from cancers that could have been avoided. We receive no government funding and so our critical research and ongoing cancer prevention work is only possible through people’s generosity, especially from gifts in wills”.

If someone wants to include ’cancer research’ in their will please remember they may want to give future generations the power to prevent cancer by including a gift to World Cancer Research Fund.

Together we can prevent cancer

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