Top Digital Marketing Priorities for Law Firms

Following the pandemic, law firms largely had no option but to embrace the opportunities that digital marketing presented. As restrictions lift and with increasing optimism, digital marketing will be a positive legacy for many firms that recognise developing an online marketing strategy has become vital to connect with their current and prospective clients, build their brand and stand out from the competition. In addition, a strong digital presence can help to attract the best talent to a firm. The other significant advantage of digital marketing is that through analytics much of its impact can be readily measured.

As there are so many aspects to and benefits of digital marketing, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to know what the key priorities are and where to direct limited time and resource. Here are the basics:

Top digital marketing priorities

· Content Marketing

From blog posts, eBooks, whitepapers, infographics, animations, webinars and podcasts, content marketing helps to build brand awareness, attracts website traffic and ultimately generates leads. Whilst investing in content marketing can be time-consuming, for the professional services sector consistent thought leadership content can be a significant differentiator, making clients and prospective clients think why they would instruct anyone else? And for potential recruits, why would they work anywhere else?

· Social Media Marketing

Consistently sharing and distributing valuable content on social media can increase website traffic, raise brand awareness, build conversions and improve engagement with the target audience. Social media is also an opportunity to demonstrate the ‘human side’ of a business.

· Video Marketing

A must-have for every business and a great way to raise awareness and create engagement. For professional services, video can be an effective tool to simplify complex messaging, be more approachable and bring a brand to life. Video content can also be repurposed and distributed through social media and email.

· Website SEO/PPC

Search engine optimisation is a fundamental component of digital marketing. Having greater visibility and higher rankings in search results than the competition is more important than ever. Paid advertising on Google, Pay Per Click (PPC), can be an easy way to boost a new service or capitalise on a recent sector development. SEO and PPC have become increasingly technical and challenging, whilst there are many free and paid tools that can help, this is an area that can also be outsourced to experts.

· Email Marketing

Email is an affordable and effective way to keep in touch with clients and prospects, in turn staying ‘front of mind’. Email, for example through a regular well-designed newsletter, can be used to promote content, offers, tips, industry news, regular firm updates, again making any investment in content marketing go further. Clearly, any email marketing campaigns must be compliant with data protection/GDPR regulations.

· Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Equally important to the investment in attracting website traffic, is the process of converting that valuable and engaged web traffic into paying clients. The metric of turning website visits into a client is conversion rate. Through a range of research tools and techniques, CRO involves developing a deep understanding of the end-user, their needs and ensuring the conversion process is continuously optimised.

Too much to do, where do I start?!

Following the challenges of the last year, many businesses have reduced or even stopped their marketing activity. As so many firms have cut back and given the emerging opportunities, surely now is exactly the time to step up marketing, especially digital?

Given the rapid evolution of digital marketing, the range of skill sets and the time it takes to manage, firms are beginning to see the benefits of outsourcing aspects of this work. Outsourcing provides cost-effective access to specialists in a wide range of skills, such as social media management, SEO/PPC, CRO, website development, webinars, podcasts, video, animation, content generation and design. Specialists in their field take less time and can bring new ideas to the table.

Benefits of outsourced marketing help

· Cost-effective

Outsourcing provides the right expertise and skillset but at the same time reduces overheads making impactful marketing campaigns affordable to even small firms.

· Access to specialists

With more technical and creative expertise now required, outsourcing provides access to the best talent on a ‘pay per use’ basis, delivering a higher quality professional product within a prompt turnaround time.

· External insight and opinion

Over time it is easy to develop a siloed and blinkered approach. Outsourcing can provide a fresh outlook, new and different ideas, in an environment where the market and available tools and skillsets required to navigate them is always evolving.

· Achieve results and ROI

With more pressure for accurate analytics, results and return on investment (ROI), outsourcing to a specialist means they are accountable for and can demonstrate the impact of their work.

· Get started right away

Given the fast pace of change with all aspects of marketing, it is easy to get left behind. Outsourcing means the external team can ‘hit the ground running’.

· Specialist providers

The digital marketing industry has grown rapidly in recent years leading to consolidation and the development of niche agencies that specialise in particular sectors, such as professional services.

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